Being a guy who grew up listening to songs and music from the Seventies, Songs From The Seventies is a site created purely for my own listening pleasure.

The main purpose is to create a site where I can come in anytime I feel like it, type in the name of certain artists from the 70s which I feel like listening to and have all the videos by that artist right in front of me. In this essence I feel this site is what I have wanted it to be.

Come Share The Pleasure Together

It was sometime later when I have managed to dig up and list out more than 20 artists from the 1970s that I realized that there are many from my age group that shares this same passion. This prompted me to dig even deeper and to date, I have more than a hundred artists in my list all ready to be included into this site whenever I find the time.

As this is just a hobby albeit quite a serious one, I do not work on this site on a full time basis.

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